ALTAREA VS. PRIMONIAL LITIGATION: Altarea reiterates firmly disputing the merits of all Primonial shareholders’ compensation claims

16 Jan 2023

Following today’s publication of the AGEFI article relating to the litigation between Primonial’s shareholders and Altarea, Altarea reiterates firmly disputing the merits of all claims for compensation filed by Primonial’s shareholders. Furthermore, the amount of these claims reported in such article is extravagant. Altarea reaffirms that the agreed conditions for the acquisition of the Primonial Group in early March 2022 were not met as the sellers failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the acquisition agreement signed in July 2021.

Therefore, Altarea requested the Paris Commercial Court to order Primonial’s shareholder funds and managers in solidum to pay a total amount of around €150 million.

In response to the active disclosure of certain facts of the litigation to the press by Primonial shareholders, Altarea reserves the option to assert its rights in order to obtain full compensation for its loss and, more generally, protect its interests and those of its shareholders.

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