GRESB 2021: Altarea confirms Green Star status and ranks second in its category

18 Oct 2021

Paris, 18 October 2021– The GRESB* (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), the leading global ESG benchmark for the real estate industry, has published the results of its annual assessment. Altarea, the leading player in sustainable property in France, is ranked among the leaders in its sector and confirms its “Green Star**” status, with 5 stars. The Group improved its score by 4 points this year to rank second in Europe.


The score of 94/100, up 4 points on the year, means the Group has consistently scored at least 90/100 since 2016 and has gained 2 places since last year making it second in its category.



Altarea also topped the transparency rankings for “Retail REIT in France” maintaining its maximum “A” rating, which recognises the transparency and exhaustiveness of its ESG reporting.

“The annual GRESB results are an ideal opportunity to showcase the strong continuity of Altarea’s ESG performance. It is a real source of pride that we have once again been ranked among the world’s most committed companies to sustainable development. Our consistency and ascent up the European rankings confirms Altarea’s determination to position itself as a real public interest partner for cities and those who live in them. It also recognises our ability to roll out an ever more ambitious ESG strategy".

Alain Taravella, Chairman and Founder of Altarea

“We are delighted to top the rankings for transparency in France. This award recognises, first, the unstinting commitment of the teams throughout a still difficult period and, second, the exemplary, rigorous long-term management of ESG issues".

Nathalie Bardin, Director of Strategic Marketing, CSR and Innovation

“These latest results recognise and reward the long-term commitment of the teams and the new practices put in place each year. Altarea recently incorporated extra-financial criteria, including climate issues, into its compensation policies including one for all employees”.

Eléonore Devaud, Altarea CSR Director


For years, the Group has been one of the big players in sustainable real estate. ESG issues are a core concern for Altarea, which is determined to work sustainably and have a positive impact in the regions where it is active.

*GRESB: Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, annual international ranking that assesses the CSR/ESG performance and policies of companies in the real estate sector. In 2021, GRESB analysed the performances of 1,520 real estate funds and companies, representing a total of nearly 117,000 assets. 

**Green Star: highest category in the GRESB ranking

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